I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS.Going to see Angelspit tonight, and I can’t decide what to wear (as per normal)!!Excuse the awkward webcam shots.So fluro tartan booty shorts or moon hotpants?

Going to see Angelspit tonight, and I can’t decide what to wear (as per normal)!!
Excuse the awkward webcam shots.
So fluro tartan booty shorts or moon hotpants?

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    This will be WAY too late since it’s being put in the queue, but I couldn’t decide anyway coz both look awesome XD
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  8. sunshinebutton answered: Fluro tartan boooootttttiiessss
  9. tank-grrrl answered: booty shorts plz
  10. svicidaltendencies answered: i honestly love them both but i say the top one! ^.^
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  12. graveyardforstars answered: Top!!
  13. adolfinavanroy answered: The top one *-*
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  16. candyopal answered: i like the the blue pants
  17. nexii-lovelace answered: top one ^^
  18. xkittenxnightmarex answered: shorts
  19. ipusheverybutton answered: shorts!
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    FUCKING LOVE THESE OUTFIT COMBOS!!! but I’d go with the top one!
  22. romaesunnshine answered: MOON HOTPANTS
  23. mailemanson answered: i like the moon hotpants
  24. allstoriesintheendsweetie said: Booty shorts tie in the other pink bits in the outfit so those :)
  25. littlerockabella answered: moon hotpants
  26. therealbitchpudding answered: moon hotpants
  27. cat-burps answered: MOOOON HOTPAAANTS!
  28. cyanide-daydreams answered: fluro
  29. sleepy-peaches answered: booty shorts!